States of Being

This project will consist of ten sets of life-sized paintings and drawings that explore how seeing another individual is a both a mediated and visceral experience.

This work is about painting living beings inhabiting their bodies—to show that all are the same in the fact of embodiment. It is also to show that presentation of the self and the perception of an individual is myriad—there are many, oftentimes conflicting, meanings associated with individual bodies. And in that sense, literal figures are figurative—they are singular, but are simultaneously multiple.

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Study drawing for model III
2016 oil crayon drawing
Detail of study drawing for model III
Oil painting of 3 overlapping figures of nude pregnant woman

“States of Being” is a direct evolution from my ongoing Self-PortraitBra-Portrait projects. Both center on the conflict between personal, embodied experience and external cultural perceptions. The bras in the Bra-Portraits are borrowed from family and friends, and are precursor to States of Being’s call for non-professional models in my community.

I include animals in “States of Being” because I consider them individual beings about whom there are as many (or more) preconceptions/unknowns as there are about humans. This is reflected in my prior Animal work.